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Cloud Application Archiving

With our comprehensive range of services, we enable you to securely store, manage, and access your valuable application data in the cloud. Discover the importance of cloud archiving and the benefits it offers to your business.

Explore a Common Dilemma

  • Data Archiving Solutions
  • Efficient Data Preservation
  • Data Management and Accessibility
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance

What is Cloud Archiving?

In today's digital landscape, businesses generate and accumulate vast amounts of data. Cloud archiving provides a secure and scalable solution for preserving and managing this valuable information. It involves storing and organizing data in a remote cloud infrastructure, ensuring easy access, efficient retrieval, and long-term preservation.

Unlock the Benefits of Cloud Archiving

At times, our clients reveal the presence of a significant number of idle legacy systems. These systems remain dormant, often only serving the purpose of storing historical data that is rarely accessed.
While these redundant systems must be retained to adhere to legislative and statutory requirements, the reality is that they occupy valuable space in the data centre, consuming resources and demanding ongoing maintenance, management, and licensing, often at considerable expenses per user.

Traditionally, organisations have pursued several avenues to address this issue:

  • 1
    On-Premise Infrastructure:

    Continuing to maintain on-premise infrastructure comes at a substantial cost, perpetuating the burden of supporting dormant systems.

  • 2
    Archiving Solutions:

    Archiving the data to a dedicated solution is a common approach, but it can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. Additionally, not all data may be retained through this method.

  • 3
    Data Lake Extraction:

    Extracting the data to a Data Lake is another option, but it has its drawbacks. This approach risks losing the application logic that gives the data its meaning, and it can also be financially burdensome.

  • 4
    Cost Management:

    With our Archiving solutions, you can save costs by specifying timeframes for moving data from systems like Salesforce, SAP, or Databases. This way, you have the peace of mind that the data is readily available when needed, while avoiding the tiring and costly storage fees associated with storing cold data.

Introducing a Superior Solution: Application Archiving

We propose a better alternative: leveraging an efficient, familiar, and cost-effective Application Archiving service. By archiving the application, itself, rather than solely focusing on the data, organisations can effectively manage their legacy systems.

Why choose DataIQ?

At DataIQ, we understand the challenges associated with legacy systems. Our Application Archiving services empower organisations to optimise resources, lower costs, and enhance data management, all while preserving the necessary historical data.

Discover the transformative power of our Application Archiving service today and unlock the full potential of your legacy systems.

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